Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping

LTL trucking companies can efficiently and cost effectively ship all types of goods in combined shipments. This type of shipping has many benefits, but the primary advantage is that this is an affordable shipping method. Whether you have a single pallet or half of a truckload to ship, we at All-Star Transportation can handle your LTL shipments. To learn more about our LTL trucking company or to work with our freight trucking company to coordinate and ship your less than truckload shipments, please contact the professionals at All-Star Transportation.
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Our LTL Trucking Services

At All-Star Transportation, we offer our customers LTL trucking services across the United States. We specifically focus on routes that travel between the West Coast and the Ohio Valley. We can also deliver LTL shipments to locations in the Midwest, Florida, Colorado, and the Northwest. With experience delivering produce and other temperature sensitive goods, we are especially prepared to handle the challenges of refrigerated LTL trucking. Therefore, when working with our LTL trucking company, you can rest assured that your LTL shipments will be delivered safely, securely, and on time.

We can provide LTL trucking services for:

  • Refrigerated Shipments
  • Dry Van Shipments
  • Pharmaceutical Shipments
  • Frozen Shipments
  • Hazmat Shipments

Why Choose LTL Freight Shipping?

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, is the process of combining multiple small shipments into one full truckload. The primary benefits of LTL trucking for customers and LTL trucking companies is improved efficiency. This allows customers to split and share the cost of shipping on long haul or short haul shipments. Therefore, it is a more affordable shipping method. LTL shipping also allows trucking companies to use their trucks more efficiently as they are able to transport more full trailers while satisfying the needs of many customers.

The benefits of working with an LTL trucking company include:

  • More Afforable Shipping: LTL trucking is a cost effective solution because it allows companies to split the cost of shipping on smaller shipments. This means fuel costs and other charges are divided by multiple parties.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solution: LTL shipping is an environmentally friendly option for transporting freight because it combines shipments, thus allowing one truck to carry a full load versus multiple trucks transporting only small amounts of freight. Because reducing a negative environmental impact and adopting environmentally friendly processes and procedures is a growing trend among many types of businesses and many industries, LTL shipping is becoming a popular option.

  • Timely Shipping: Because LTL trucking companies can allow you to ship a partial truckload when it is ready as opposed to waiting until a full truckload is ready to be shipped, LTL trucking can allow for more timely delivery of shipments.


Learn More About Our LTL Freight Shipping Services

At All-Star Transportation, our experience and expertise providing refrigerated trucking for temperature sensitive goods and other freight puts us in a unique position to handle difficult LTL shipments and other temperature sensitive goods. Additionally, we are prepared for any challenge and will work with you to develop an effective an efficient shipping solution to meet any of your needs. To work with our LTL trucking company to see how we can meet your needs, please contact the trucking experts as All-Star Transportation today.

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