Timely and Reliable Produce Freight Trucking

At All-Star Trucking, our primary focus is on shipping produce from the West Coast, the Midwest and to the Ohio Valley. We also offer produce freight shipping services throughout Florida, Colorado, and the Northwest. We use our company-owned temperature-controlled vans for all of our produce freight shipping services. With 20 years experience as a trusted produce shipping company, we have developed a track record for providing timely and reliable service.
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Our Long Haul Produce Freight Shipping Routes

Our freight shipping company is centrally located in Pacific, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. This central location puts us in the perfect situation to provide long haul produce shipping services across the country. To learn more about the produce shipping routes our freight shipping company can offer, please contact us directly today or request a freight quote.

Protecting Your Produce During Freight Shipping

At All-Star Transportation, our freight shipping company has experience providing produce shipping services. Therefore, we can easily overcome the challenges associated with produce shipping in order to provide timely, accurate, and safe delivery of any perishable goods.

  • Temperature Control: We use multiple methods to ensure that your product remains at the proper temperature. All of our trailers are weekly maintained. Our drivers complete a ten point refrigerated truck inspection before loading your shipment, which includes, pre-trip of the refrigeration unit and checking the temperature of your product. Our drivers repetitively monitor the temperature of each shipment en route. Should the temperature fluctuate outside of the prescribed range an alert is sent. Our 24 hour operations staff and maintenance facility staff is trained as to how to handle these situations.

  • Timeliness: Produce shipments are among some of the most time sensitive types of freight shipments. Our refrigerated trucks are maintained weekly. Our freight shipping company employs expert drivers who can prevent shipping delays and ensure timely delivery.

  • Damage Prevention: All-Star knows the importance of product securement while produce shipping. From the moment that your shipment is loaded onto one of our trucks, we ensure that your freight is safely packed and carefully transported. Additionally, we use the best trucks and trailers to provide a safe ride for your produce.

Types of Produce All-Star Transports

We can transport all types of perishable goods and produce with our company-owned refrigerated trucks. These freight shipping services include:

  • Florida Orange and Citrus Shipping
  • Apple Shipping
  • California Citrus Shipping
  • Potato Shipping
  • Lettuce Shipping
  • Specialty Produce Shipping
  • Strawberry Shipping
  • Seasonal Produce Shipping
  • Grape Shipping
  • Vegetable Shipping
  • Melon Shipping

Learn More About Our Produce Freight Shipping Services

At All-Star Transportation, our experience and expertise providing refrigerated trucking for temperature sensitive goods and other freight puts us in a unique position to handle all your produce shipping needs. Additionally, we are prepared for any challenge and will work with you to develop an effective an efficient shipping solution to meet any of your needs. To work with our LTL trucking company to see how we can meet your needs, please contact the trucking experts as All-Star Transportation today.

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About All-Star Transportation Inc.

We are a family owned and operated business centrally located in Pacific, just outside of St. Louis, MO. We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with exceptional service and our reputation for ensuring safe and timely delivery of their products. We would love the opportunity to show you the All-Star difference. For more information or to receive a free quote, contact us today.