Our Long Haul Trucking Jobs

At All-Star Transportation, our long haul trucking drivers primarily drive routes that travel between Pacific, MO and the West Coast. Our Long Haul Trucking drivers enjoy these runs because they like to drive and receive the maximum amount of miles as possible. They are typically, out for 7 days and then take 2 days off at home. For these long haul trucking routes, our drivers drive our late model trucks, which we maintain in our own facility in order to ensure reliability and prevent breakdowns or other complications.

Our long haul trucking jobs offer a variety of incentives and benefits including:

  • Well Maintained Trucks and Equipment
  • Competitive Pay
  • Regular Pay Increases
  • Bonus Programs
  • Health Insurance
  • Weekly Settlements
  • Paid Vacations
  • High Mileage
  • 401K Plans
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Rider Program
  • Quality Time Off

We currently have long haul trucking positions available for our long haul routes between Pacific, Missouri and the West Coast. These positions are available to experienced drivers including both solo and team long haul trucking drivers. To learn more about our available positions and to apply for our long haul trucking jobs, contact us or apply online with our online truck driver job application.

Benefits of Long Haul Trucking Jobs

Find Long Haul Trucking Jobs from All Start Transportation in St. LouisLong haul trucking is when truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods over long distances. Most long haul truckers travel routes that cover hundreds or thousands of miles. This can keep long haul drivers on the road for weeks at a time. The primary advantage of long haul trucking for drivers is the higher pay. Additionally, many drivers enjoy long haul trucking because of the opportunity to travel across the country.

At All-Star Transportation, we have long haul trucking jobs available for experienced individual and team drivers. These jobs offer all of the basic advantages of long haul trucking as well as many special incentives. To learn more about the advantages and benefits available to our long haul trucking drivers, please contact us. You can also apply for our long haul truck driver jobs by completing our online truck driver application.

Advantages of Long Haul Trucking

Long Haul Trucking Jobs from All Star Transportation in St. Louis

For some, adjusting to the long haul trucking way of life can be challenging because of the difficulties of spending time away from loved ones and living out of a sleeper cab. However, for others, this way of life is preferred because of the benefits and advantages it offers.

Some of the main advantages of long haul trucking jobs include:

  • Higher Pay: The pay provided for long haul trucking jobs can vary but is often based on the total miles driven. Typically, long haul trucking jobs can offer higher pay than short haul truck drivers jobs.
  • Cross Country Travel: For many, long haul trucking is an opportunity to travel across the country and to see the many sights.
  • Fewer Stops: Typically, Long Haul Trucking Jobs have fewer loading and unloading stops and are able to offer miles to drivers that like to drive.